Is a Retreat Right for Me?

Whatever Your Reason for Attending a Retreat, Our Retreat Directors Will Tell You—“expect the unexpected!”
The reasons for going on retreat are numerous and highly personal. For many, a retreat provides the opportunity to examine the quality of their spiritual life and the direction of their spiritual journey. For some, a retreat provides an opportunity to examine and reflect on a serious challenge, decision, or commitment they maybe be facing. And, for others a retreat may be an opportunity for deeper conversion, purification, and growth in their own faith and personal relationship with God. No matter what your reason for attending a retreat, the resulting experience will be unique, personal, and often life changing.

Why a “Silent” Retreat?

For those who have never experienced a silent retreat, the idea of complete silence may seem intimidating and oppressive. But ask any past retreatant and they will tell you that the experience is quite the opposite. Within silence is the opportunity for deep and meaningful spiritual reflection and discovery. In silence you can hear yourself think; you also give yourself the opportunity to actively listen.

“Silence has the capacity to open a space in our inner being, a space in which God can dwell.” - Pope Benedict XVI

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