When you attend a Silent Retreat at Ignatius House Retreat Center the experience will be truly unique and personal. Below are some comments from past retreatants.

The Experience
“This was my 3rd Ignatius House retreat, and each time I learn something different about God and myself. The silence and beautiful grounds help me to rest in God’s presence and allow Him to enjoy mine. There are no expectations, no pressures and no goals to meet – just time and solitude to be still and know He is God.”

“The best part is that here, on holy ground, you stop and find God waiting for you around every corner. The talks really excite new thoughts and new ways to Be with God. Meeting one on one with a wise Jesuit priest to discuss personal problems is like bringing a counselor with you who can direct your thoughts towards way to cope. Celebrating the Eucharist every day is like a gift you never thought to ask for, and praying the Rosary and the Way of the Cross in community enforces that we are God’s people, His chosen ones and His church.”

“Ignatius House provided me with an opportunity for personal discovery. The world tells you that comfort and security are the hallmarks of happiness. Your possessions should be new your house should be spacious; your finances should be padded to protect you against a rainy day. At Ignatius House I was struck by the enough-ness of its simplicity. Each item had its purpose. The placement of each chair, each towel, the fountain, the chapel, the balcony, the lamps everything was placed to meet a purpose. Nothing was extra, which meant nothing was extravagant, but nothing was out of place. If that’s not the definition of harmony, what is? In this world, it’s truly a ministry to remind us of the freedom we have in this harmony, the harmony of enough-ness.”

Why Retreat?
“We all need to periodically assess our relationship with God: Is our relationship all it could be? What can we do differently to deepen our relationship with the Lord? On retreat we get to assess and adjust. It is clear to me that my prayer life needs improvement. It’s also clear to me that I continually struggle with God over who’s in charge. Now that that is clear, what’s my next step? More prayer time, more time listening for God and just being with God. A little less chatter on my part would be better at times. Retreat time is great for listening in solitude. We are blessed to have the Cenacle Sisters and Ignatius House in our archdiocese so that we can get spiritual direction and time to listen in solitude.”

“I have been making retreats here for four years. God somehow inspired me to bring my old journals, and I was able to see how much I have grown both in faith and as a person. Even in your 50′s, growth is possible. These special weekends have aided this growth and given me joy and closeness to my Lord.”

“Everyone needs time to get away from the hustle and bustle of worldly activities. Retreat is a time for that. It is a time to be still, to let go of all worries. There is no list of things to do, phone calls to answer, emails to reply to or demands on your time. It’s a special time for you to take care of yourself and love yourself. Then you are refreshed and renewed to go back to daily life and try to incorporate some silent time for yourself and to remember to observe life instead of letting it pass you by.”

The Silence
“Before the retreat, I was intimidated by the silence aspect. I never thought I could be quiet for a whole weekend. But it was actually very peaceful. The grounds are gorgeous and the weather was great. (I forgot that I was in Atlanta) The whole environment is supportive to self-reflection.”

“Just come and experience it–hear the silence–feel the presence of the Lord.”

“There is so much noise in our world, and so many things to do, that the opportunity the Ignatius House provides to simply be in God’s presence and revel in His word, in His creation, is a profound gift. The setting is idyllic and a rare treasure; a lovely, secluded and wooded spot on the Chattahoochee River, blanketed with trees, daffodils and flowering shrubs and serenaded by birds, frogs, owls and the room are clear, simple, private and comfortable. But the greatest gift is two days of silence and contemplation, which will touch your soul and open your heart. There is no spa or bath that can make you feel fuller of faith, love and peace.”

“Taking this weekend to slow down and get comfortable with Jesus Christ is a gift from God himself. It is hard to imagine a few days in silence in the midst of the world we live in but it is possible. Taking time to reflect, empty your cluttered mind and hear God’s voice deep within you is a gift everyone should have an opportunity to experience. I had my doubts in the beginning, but now understand the true value of peace and solitude. I feel as if I can embrace the world again, rejuvenated, and refreshed, ready to love.”

“At first I was miffed at the idea of having to remain silent for so long. However, in the silence God did speak to me. Things were revealed to me that I might not have otherwise heard in my normal day-to-day routine. I am not one to profess hearing a word from God,’ but on the second day of the retreat I did. Guidance on personal, spiritual and even career objectives were made rather plain and clear to me.”

“Individuals of all faiths need a safe accepting place to explore their higher self, their relation to their God and their questions about the destination of their life. Answers are there to all us humans wondering and questioning if we take the time to be still and know God.”

Finding Peace
“I have been struggling for several years with a number of losses that happened one right after the other. I finally found peace with all of the turmoil that has been going on in my life. I don’t have all of the answers, but I’m working on patiently waiting for God to reveal them to me. I also learned that some things just are and there will not be an explanation.”

“The word retreat has 2 meanings for me: first, is obviously treat,’ not to have to do anything but relax & let God talk to me for a change. And secondly, to retreat from the noise and frantic pace of the real world. Everything in my daily life is either scheduled or loud. Even the doctor’s office has either a radio or TV blaring and of course EVERYWHERE you go, people seem to be squawking into a cell phone. Coming to Ignatius House is a total treat for the mind and body and a wonderful opportunity to serene environment.”

“A retreat at Ignatius House is a gift of immeasurable worth. No price can be placed on the value of having time to entirely focus on yourself and your relationship to the world and to God. By taking care of your physical and emotional needs (food, shelter, social), the staff at Ignatius House sets your soul free to be whatever it wants to be. God answers questions when you didn’t even know the question. You are softened, cushioned, and arrive at true peace.”

“I came here while in a valley of my life; I am leaving without my circumstances changing but on top of the mountain. God truly showed me how much joy He can give us in the midst of suffering. I thank God for this time of pruning in my life. It has brought me closer to Him.”

“I came with a wounded heart and was cared for in many ways. I am grateful for everything I received. I will keep all the staff in my prayers.”

Glowing Recommendations
“I highly recommend a retreat to Ignatius House, especially a silent one. It brings peace into your heart about whatever ails you, whether it’s big or small or not even visible to the naked eye.”

“My experience has been positive! Both times I have attended, I have heard the voice of God speak a word to me. And each was life changing or greatly needed.”

“I would recommend a retreat to anyone ~ regardless of where you are in your spiritual life. Put down the Blackberry, turn off the cell phone, unplug the computer and listen to the silence.”

“Ignatius House is a true blessing to us metro Atlantans. Here the director’s respect that God speaks to the human heart in silence, they respect that what we need most in our lives today is to Be still and know that I am God. Ignatius House retreat allows us to do that.”

“What a truly special place this is. Not only is it a gift from Suzanne Schroder but it is a gift from many others who have worked to add to its beauty. All made possible by the hand of God working through them. I now have a greater understanding of God’s gift granted to me daily life, love and family. I will be back!”

“Thank you for this opportunity. We live in a busy and hectic world and I fit it essential for my own spiritual growth to have a place where quiet time with the Lord is precious, I only wish that it were longer.”

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