Spiritual Direction

Providing Spiritual Direction is an Integral Part of Our Mission
Spiritual Direction is a process to help you become increasingly aware of the workings of the Holy Spirit in your life. It is about growing in the understanding of your relationship with God so that you can continue to deepen it as you continue your spiritual journey.

At Ignatius House Retreat Center, our Spiritual Directors are available to talk with you in confidentially about your spiritual life. Whether you have daily concerns around family, work, or your relationships, they are here to listen.  If you are experiencing loss,  hurt or fears they are here to help.  Spending time with one of our Spiritual Directors can,and will, help you to better understand how every aspect of your daily life plays an integral role in your relationship with God.

Our Spiritual Directors include Jesuit priests and lay people of varying faiths. They are available by appointment to meet with you, talk with you, and help you respond to God’s invitation for a deeper relationship.

For more information, or to set up a meeting with a Spiritual Director, please call:  404.255.0503.