Retreat Formats

Choosing a Retreat

Trying to decide which retreat is right for you?

Determine how much time your schedule allows, then search our calendar for that type of activity. Retreat formats are described below — beginning with the shortest formats and ending with the longest.

Classes and Series (“Enrichment” programs) generally meet for a few hours in the evening, while “Days of Reflection” are 3-6 hour events during a traditional business day. Overnight retreats are available as 2-night, 3-night, 5-night, 8-night or month-long formats.

Short on Time?

Search the Calendar for “Sabbath Day” and come to Ignatius House for as little or as long as your schedule allows. A special, outdoor prayer guide can help you recharge and re-enter the world ready to do God’s will.

Classes & Series

A variety of classes, book clubs, workshops, and other series are offered throughout the year – usually meeting weekly for 1-2 hours after work or school. A class may occur once while a series generally meets for 3-13 weeks. Topics include interfaith studies, mindfulness meditation, Ignatian methods of prayer, and more. Search the calendar for “Enrichment.”

Half-day & Single-day

Half-day sessions are mini retreats to help you rebalance amidst a busy schedule. Sessions begin at 9 am with light breakfast, include a guided talk and time for silence, and conclude before lunch. Examples include “Parents’ Morning Out” to help busy parents a break to exhale, with complimentary childcare by Holy Spirit Preschool.

A single-day retreat, or “Day of Reflection” dives into a narrow topic of interest. Spiritual topics may be seasonal, related to a leading figure, or designed for a demographic group. Events typically begin at 9 am with light breakfast, include multiple guided talks, time for silence or a relevant activity, lunch, and conclude mid-afternoon.

Search the calendar for “Day of Reflection.”


Quiet down with a two-night or three-night retreat and examine where God is at work in the world and your life. Directed by a certified spiritual director who provides opportunities for meditation and reflection.

Retreats begin on Thursday or Friday evening with a social reception, dinner, and overview by your Retreat Director. Silence begins after dinner. Each day offers 2-3 “invitations to prayer,” or 30-minute talks, when your Retreat Director presents a topic for reflection. The remaining time each day is yours to rest, read, pray, journal or simply enjoy the silence. Retreats conclude with Sunday Mass and a social brunch.

Semi-silent retreats, mindfulness , and yoga retreats may follow a different schedule.

Customizing a Retreat

We also offer individually directed retreats (IDR), which allow you to request specific dates when you’ll attend. A minimum stay of two nights is required.

During an IDR, you’ll be matched with a spiritual director for daily meetings. These conversations are about the questions you bring regarding your relationship with God and whatever you wish to discern together.

Your time on property may coincide with other groups who may not always be in silence. We will do our best to offer dates that align with your preferences and goals.

We do not offer selfdirected retreats, nor offer accommodations like a hotel. Rather, we offer space for those who wish to participate in a spiritual program here. Daily conversation with a spiritual director is a required part of any customized, overnight retreat.


Embrace extended silence and solitude over 5 or 8 nights. Meet each day with your retreat director to tailor prayer and time to your needs. Offered at specific times of the year. Search the calendar for 5-night or 8-night retreat, and complete an application.


Complete the full Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola during a 30-day retreat. Spend a month in serene silence at Ignatius House and meet daily with a spiritual director for personalized guidance. Offered at specific times of the year. Search the calendar for “30-day retreat” or call us to schedule the right time for you. By application.

Individually Directed

Customize a retreat length to your needs by requesting an “individually directed retreat.” Typically these range from longer than a weekend to less than one month in length. Meet daily with a spiritual director for personalized guidance. By application.

How to Make the Spiritual Exercises

Ignatius House offers two formats for completing the Spiritual Exercises — as a 30-day retreat or as the “19th Annotation.”

The Spiritual Exercises by St. Ignatius of Loyola were written to bring people into a deeper relationship with Christ and to free them from anything that might be inhibiting that relationship. The Exercises traditionally are made as a 30-day silent experience at a retreat house, aided by daily meetings with a spiritual director. The other alternative is to make the Exercises as a “retreat in everyday life” via daily prayer across 8-9 months and weekly meetings with a spiritual director. This method was scripted by St. Ignatius in a note called the “19th Annotation.”

Apply here to attend a 30-day retreat.

Learn more about the 19th Annotation here.

Begin Your Silent Getaway

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Staff can assist with choosing the right retreat, understanding what to expect, making payment arrangements or other questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you.


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