Facility Cleanliness, Health & Safety

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Advisory

To help reduce spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we respectfully require:

  • Please read and observe all COVID-19 Guest Guidelines for visits through Summer 2021.
  • Guests who are still awaiting a COVID-19 test result on the day of their retreat may not attend until a negative test result is known.
  • Guests who have knowingly been exposed to, or lived with, someone who has had COVID-19 during the 14 days prior to a retreat may not attend  Ignatius House. A credit to join us at a future retreat will be issued, valid for 12 months.
  • Guests who have traveled internationally within 14 days of their retreat may not attend  Ignatius House. A credit to join us at a future retreat will be issued, valid for 12 mos.
  • If any guest or employee contracts COVID-19, Ignatius House will inform all retreatants who were here with and within 14 days of that individual.
  • Additionally, we will email all guests who have been to Ignatius House within the past 30 days to alert them of any developments made known to us that may increase their risk of exposure.

Professional Standards and Industry Best Practices


Ignatius House adheres to protocols for training, sanitation, and maintenance that align with professional standards and best practices found within the restaurant, hotel, assisted living, and healthcare industries.

How We Clean & Prevent

We buy commercially concentrated cleaning products from EcoLab Inc., which are dispensed/dosed at recommended levels and not diluted. On a monthly basis, EcoLab visits Ignatius House to inspect chemical dispensers, kitchen, and housekeeping equipment to ensure proper temperature and chemical dosage – a level which they establish for sanitation of linens, towels, flatware, china and glassware, and serving pieces.

Occasionally, the Archdiocese may recommend special, or seasonal, adjustments to sacramental distribution of wine and bread. When such recommendations cause an adjustment to practices at Ignatius House, we will inform those attending liturgical services here.


How We Train

All Ignatius House Kitchen personnel are ServSafe certified – the nationally recognized certification administered by the National Restaurant Association. ServSafe instructs proper storage and food preparation, and industry standards for cleaning and sanitation of all surfaces. Both Kitchen and Housekeeping staff receive regular training provided by our vendors in the form of instructional videos, literature, and in-person demonstrations.

Staff across all departments are certified in CPR and Emergency procedures — having completed training in Summer 2019.


How We Inspect

Ignatius House is subject to unannounced health inspections by Fulton County Public Health to ensure our adherence to these industry standards and laws. The most recent, three inspections at Ignatius House revealed 100% compliance. All inspections 2017-2020 generated a score of “A.” Additionally, our facilities are inspected by the Sandy Springs Fire Department for emergency safety.


How We Maintain

The staff of Ignatius House includes a full-time Director of Operations, part-time Maintenance specialist, full- and part-time Housekeeping crew, and an overnight Guest Specialist who is on-call should an urgent maintenance or health need arise.

The resources to care for our facilities are funded by three endowment and/or investment accounts, as well as gifts from individuals, families, and foundations. For example, investment funds allowed Ignatius House to purchase new mattresses for every guest room in Summer 2019; a generous donor gift provided additional, new linens in December 2019.


Sacramental Activities

We follow recommendations from the Archdiocese of Atlanta regarding gatherings and the sacramental distribution of wine and bread. People who are ill should not attend Mass. Additionally, Ignatius House continually works with stakeholders, vendors, industry experts, and local/state agencies to adopt any new recommended practices, guidelines, or laws.


Your Safety

We are committed to your safety while on property. We kindly require that every guest provide an emergency contact (name and phone number) for efficient communication about your well-being should an unforeseen need arise. Multiple locked, or key-coded, entryways and doors assist security throughout the evening. Guests receive a door code for common passageways during their retreat, and a door key that is unique to one private room. An emergency after-hours phone number is provided to help guests quickly reach Ignatius House staff and/or to help next of kin reach you during a retreat.


If you have a specific question about cleanliness, health or safety, please contact us at retreats@ignatiushouse.org


Support Ignatius House

To offer a gift to Ignatius House for facility care, health, safety or another restricted need, please contact Director of Development & Communication Tara La Bouff at tlabouff@ignatiushouse.org


Updated July 30, 2021.

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